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Bud Blossom Bloom Coloring Book

Bud Blossom Bloom Coloring Book

This sweet children's coloring book beautifully weaves together poetic language and heartfelt wisdom to inspire young children. 

From the first line, the book's tender message takes root. Readers are invited to explore themes of courage, self acceptance, and the strength that resides in each of us. This book is a perfect tool for sparking conversations about self love, empathy, and individuality with our children. While also allowing creativity to flow.

I believe this is the perfect companion book, to my book Bud Blossom Bloom. 

Order your copy today to inspire your children to bloom with courage, love and limitless possibilities.

  • Book Specs

    Book is 8.5x11.

    Shipped in a plastic sleeve and stay flat mailer for added protection. 


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